Panama Canal Partial Transit Tour

You will start the tour at 9:30AM from the Flamenco Island at Amador Causeway — in front of Fuerte Amador Resort & Marina, behind Alberto’s Restaurant — in Panama City. You will take the tour bus which will transport passengers to the Gamboa area, where the trip starts. This transfer will take 45 minutes. Then you board the ship and you will be transiting the Gaillard Cut (Corte Culebra), this area is one of the most important attractions of the trip because it’s full of history. Then you will cross under the Centennial Bridge (Puente Centenario) and that is when you will be on the way to transit Pedro Miguel Locks. Also, you will witness the works being done for the Canal expansion project. When entering Pedro Miguel Locks you will experience a drop of 9 meters in one step and find the Miraflores Lake, an artificial lake that connects Pedro Miguel Locks with and Miraflores Locks. Now you will enter the last set of locks called Miraflores Locks in the Pacific Ocean where you will be lowered 18 meters in two different steps. You will be sailing the Pacific Ocean on the way to the disembarkation point at Amador Causeway but before that, you will be passing under the Bridge of the Americas (Puente de Las Americas). You will be in the Panama Bay and that is the end of this unique trip.